30-Day Burpee Challenge: Lower Body Blast

By Parv

Graphic showing a women demonstrating how to do burpees properly

You can easily transform Your Lower Body in Just 30 Days with this burpee challenge which is curated by our team.

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Introduction: “Join the challenge to strengthen and tone your lower body with burpees! Follow this 30-day plan for a powerful lower body blast.”

Some of the Key Features of this challenge are:

Duration: 30 days or you can also do it for a week or for 14 days. Choose the duration according to your preference.

Exercise: Burpees. It’s a pretty simple exercise which is an anaerobic exercise which can burn Calories and Fat when done with intensity.

Focus: Lower body strength and endurance

Daily Plan: You can follow the below plan which is simple and can be done indoor or in a gym.

Day 1-5: Start with 10 burpees per day. You can increase the reps from the first day If you are lighter in weight.

Day 6-10: Increase to 15 burpees per day.

Day 11-15: Increase to 20 burpees per day

Day 16-20: Increase to 25 burpees per day

Day 21-25: Increase to 30 burpees per day

Day 26-30: Finish strong with 35 burpees per day

Infographic showing all the details from days 1 to 30 and reps for burpees challenge

Make sure gradually increase your reps every day and note the number of reps for every session. this will help you in long run and will help you to measure your progress after 3-4 weeks.


Build lower body strength

Increase cardiovascular endurance

Tone leg muscles

Burn calories for fat loss


We always recommend people to warm up before starting the challenge. Do some squats and push ups before starting the session.

Make sure that you are hydrated throughout the challenge and choose a safe place to do the daily challenge.

Always Listen to your body and take rest days as needed. Don’t push your body beyond its limits and always increase reps or intensity gradually.

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