Converse Run Star Hike Canvas

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Experience the iconic Converse style with a twist in the Run Star Hike Canvas. Elevate your look for £80 – £300. Shop now!


Converse Run Star Hike Canvas

Converse Run Star Hike Canvas side profile display in my hand showing the original right foot hiking shoe

If you want to look outclassed, you can go with the Converse Run Star Hike Canvas that comes with a chunky body and a heavy jagged rubber sole. These shoes can also be used for tracking purposes as they are specially designed with a heavy high heel rubber sole to offer optimum comfort to the foot. Converse Run Star are among the most durable canvas shoes that are going to last for years and years.

Converse Run Star Hike Canvas under sole in my hand showing three colours of the sole in the screenshot


I have Black Converse Run Star Hike Canvas, but I use them only for traveling and trekking purposes. They offer me high comfort and prevent my foot from injuries and fatigue.



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